Copy an action from one flow to another in Microsoft Power Automate

The Case

Often, one needs to create different flows in Power Automate that uses the same type of actions that you have used before. To be able to reuse actions, we want to be able to copy an action from one flow to another

The Solution

Microsoft have introduced a function in Power Automate that is currently in Preview: “Copy to my clipboard”. With this function, you can copy multiple actions from a flow to your Power Automate clipboard and reuse the actions in other flows:

When you have copied the actions you can navigate to your other Flow where you want to reuse the action, click “New step” and select the action from the new tab called “My clipboard”:

Of course, after pasting the actions in to your new flow, you will need to update the properties of the actions to use the correct connections, etc., but it is a great improvement for speeding up the development of flows in Power Automate.

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