Keynote summary

The first session today was the keynote and includede speakers like Jeff Teper, Jared Spataro, Scott Guthrie. Here are some interesting notes from the session:

  • A Windows 8 app for SharePoint social feed was released today
  • Skydrive Pro is the new way of storing and sharing files. It replaces the local MySite library of SP2010. Windows 8 app och IOS-app finns för Skydrive
  • Lots of talk about the integration with Yammer, but a little difficult to see the benefits. Probably, more deepdive information will be given in other sessions. Some interesting information was given: Yammer is free in Office 365, there is pro version for on-premises installations with more functionality that has a cost which was said to be relatively low.
  • Office 365 was promoted heavily
  • Scott Guthrie had a really good presenation of the new cloud app model
  • There are lots of performance enhancements in SP2013: ex. 40% faster loading of the page in the browser, 50% faster server side, Better picture compression – SP2013 graphics reduced to 25% of the SP2010 graphics
  • Upgrading from SP2010 to SP2013 should be very simple, and you have the possibility to run an “evaluation” upgrade for testing.
  • Site mailboxes and Exchange integration was mentioned
  • The new Web Content Management functionality was mentioned. Details will come in a later post after sessions with more deep dive information
  • The new capabilities of Search was briefly explained (fast integration, search web part, search-based navigation, etc).

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